Elegance and style

Synonymous with elegance, the suit is certainly the most sophisticated outfit in men’s dressing rooms. Two pieces or three pieces (the vest being the third), the suit or suit underlines its look and silhouette while adapting to the most important events.

Yes, but here’s the thing: what are the occasions when you have to wear a suit?

Are you thinking of buying a custom-made suit but you are afraid that it will sleep in your closet when you have spent a certain amount of money on it? Wondering when you can put on that cute jacket or perfectly fitted shirt?

Job interviews, professional meetings, personal events: let’s review the big opportunities to wear a suit. You will be surprised to realize that the costume is not only for the bride and groom or great businessmen.

A suit for his professional life

The suit for men in the professional world is a classic. It allows you to enhance your silhouette while giving a distinguished style to your outfit. In some areas, the costume is the same as in other areas.

Are you entering the workforce and need to convince recruiters? Do you want to improve your look in the office and instantly look much more attractive? Do you occasionally have to meet market players during meetings or business trips?

There are many opportunities to wear a suit in the workplace. Here are our tips for carefully choosing the costume or costumes that will follow you during your professional life.

The job interview

The dreadful job interview, the one that has already made us all anxious at least once in our lives. And yet, everyone around you repeats it to you: no stress, be yourself and everything will be fine!

Yes, but here’s the thing: how to be yourself while being convincing? To do this, we have only one piece of advice to give you: give the best of yourself.

Giving the best of yourself also involves the look. You must reflect your professionalism and elegance at first glance. Recruiters expect to meet men dressed to their best, so don’t be afraid of being overdressed or overdoing it!

Of course, your outfit must be in accordance with your professional branch. It goes without saying that an interview for a position in the business field and another in a more relaxed field will not have the same challenges. However, most job interviews require distinguished attire. It is indeed the first impression we will have of you that is at stake.

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